Los Angeles could become California’s first major city to phase out fossil fuels from its energy mix. This move would be achievable with the plan that it has devised through its brilliant minds. The latest study conducted in the city by the National Renewable Energy Laboratory revealed that Los Angeles could achieve 100% clean energy by 2035 to meet the climate objectives being advocated for by President Biden. Additionally, the city can reach these levels without interfering with the country’s energy supply and suppressing the arguments raised by critics concerning climate change.

The plausible strategy for achieving these objectives revolves around various aspects, including the creation of solar farms, wind turbines, and batteries for storing renewable energy. NREL added that solar panels could be planted on rooftops, electric chargers in garages for electric vehicles, and installing electric heat pumps in households.

The plan also calls for investment in energy efficiency programs that pay people to utilize electricity during the daytime when solar and wind energy are available in excess quantities. This plan’s success would mitigate the climate change crisis, eliminate the internal combustion engine cars and power plants that run on fossil fuels to improve the quality of air in various communities.

Additionally, the path to 100% clean energy recommended by NREL would allow people to keep their lights on each hour through the year, according to the research. Moreover, renewable energy would keep the electricity grids supplying power through the year even when wildfire breakout. The emergency response team would have the opportunity to fix the blackouts in a short time without affecting other consumers.

This point is vital when we consider the latest challenge posed by bad weather that created the need for reliable power grids in California and to keep the residents to the power sources even in extreme weather. Mayor Eric Garcetti reiterated this by stating that they can keep the refrigerators operational, medical equipment working, and light up the city for visibility through all kinds of weather.

Garcetti explained that the world’s elite had actualized this dream by creating various clean, renewable energy pathways. This move has made it easier for energy developers to start thinking of implementing the projects throughout California. The NREL study factored in data from about 100 people with the help of a supercomputer at the research lab’s Golden, Colo., headquarters.

The computer ran over 100 million simulations to factor in employment opportunities, electricity consumption, rooftop solar panel installations, and other plausible clean energy projects that could count in the transition. The computer revealed various strategies to employ to achieve a 100% switch to clean energy by 2035 in Los Angeles, and it now dawns on the leaders to select their option and run it through to success.