Many things are going on in Michigan, United States, as the state tries to recover from the Covid-19 pandemic and the move to renewable energy. It is no secret that 2020 was a challenging year for many people all over the world. Some people lost their jobs while others started bringing in a small cash flow into their homes. To help citizens deal with the pandemic, various governments have set up relief funds to help them. However, from the recent report, Michigan is yet to get the covid-19 relief.

In a recent interview, Michigan’s residents heard views about the Covid-19 relief and renewable energy from State Sen, Jeff Irwin, who is in charge of Michigan’s 18th senate district. He spoke about Republican leaders in the legislature who are hurting the people by pushing the pandemic relief funds’ allocation.

Jeff claims that holding the relief funds from the people to deal with politics is a different kind of irresponsibility. He talked about other leaders using the federal money to act as leverage to deal with other political matters is not correct. However, Jeff stated that he was confident that the federal funds would eventually get to Michigan’s people. When asked about how the money allocation should occur, Irwin spoke about dividing the money among struggling citizens, schools, and health centers since that is the purpose the funds should be serving.

He called upon the legislature, claiming that the leaders are irresponsible and reckless for playing political games with these funds. Other than details about relief funds, he was able to give highlights on renewable energy. This topic is one of the most-heated trends as President Biden’s administration struggles with achieving the net-zero emission target. Energy production and management are some of the latest trends in America.

Jeff gave his opinion on the energy-matter where he claims that energy should be like water and be publicly-owned. He also spoke about how America has many means to regulate the electricity grid. Irwin gave an example of Texas, where energy is unregulated, and how Michigan treats the energy sector with a more blended system. In Michigan, the administration offers monopolies to the private sector but also regulates it heavily. Also, it is possible to treat the energy business like the water system in the state.

Irwin has been calling out on the prevalence of PFAS chemicals in water and food containers for years, and President Biden’s administration is paying attention to the matter. He often states that there is a need for a ban on using chemicals in food packaging since this detail may cause harm to the people.