The state government of NSW has selected a group of energy sector stakeholders to identify methods that they can utilize to create durable and reliable employment opportunities for the residents. The Renewable Energy Sector Board members are notable figures in the industry that the government hopes can come up with ideas to absorb the unemployed people.

The Energy Minister for NSW, Matt Kean, explained that they had brought together the innovative minds in this state to think on the next step forward in the energy feats in the coming years. This board’s chairs are Public Interest Advocacy Centre executive Craig Memery and Australian Workers’ Union national secretary Daniel Walton. Mr. Walton announced that the government had pumped enough resources to support numerous projects in NSW. However, he indicated that the local manufacturing sector had not benefited enough from these findings and initiatives because they have neglected them for the lucrative new projects.

Walton added that the pandemic had unveiled Australians’ nature, which is to desire more operations being held in their home country. Most of the members on this board are senior executives, clean energy entities, and big energy markets like production companies. The entities represented on this board include the Australian Manufacturing Workers’ Union, the Clean Energy council, BlueScope Steel Australia, TransGrid, Varley Group, Energy Consumers Australia, the Energy Corporation of NSW, and the Australian Steel Institute.

Mr. Walton revealed that the most significant for this board might be getting all the government partnering units together on the right path and developing infrastructural projects that meet the residents’ demands. He noted that integrating all the units of the government will be a considerable task, although it will be advantageous because all the resources will head on the right path with accountability and transparency.

Mr. Walton articulated that the board will be meeting not less than twice in a year to create employment opportunities ideas and strategies. After each meeting, the committee will be delivering a report of the meeting to Mr. Kean about a month after each meeting. Mr. Walton explained that he understands that workers want reliable jobs that pay well while providing the customers’ right and affordable energy. This strategy will solve the employment crisis created by the coronavirus pandemic and offer the NSW residents clean, renewable energy. Nevertheless, much is expected of this board, especially with the new regulations aligned to the reduction of carbon emissions.