At the time of negotiations to form a Government, Pere Aragonès on Monday sidestepped any temptation to drop on the shoulders of Miquel Sàmper (JxCat) all the responsibility for the political management of the police operations of this last week for the ‘Hasél case’.

The acting substitute ‘president’ called “to deepen and update” the “democratic police model” that operates in Catalonia. And do it through parliamentary channels to achieve the best possible agreement.

After showing his support to the 17,000 public workers who watch over security and public space, in reference to the agents of the Cos de Mossos d’Esquadra (CME) and, also, his commitment to freedom of expression, Aragonès avoided any controversy with the ‘minister’ of the Interior since he pointed out that these days there have been ”

Aragonès traveled, therefore, the parliamentary path opened in the morning both by ERC, via Marta Vilalta, and by Junts, with Elsa Artadi. The vice president of the Puigdemontista force also showed her support for the CME, but also proposed the creation of a study commission in the Parliament on the public order model.

“The best way to preserve the body and defend the agents is to identify the actions that are not correct and to review the protocols that are necessary,” Artadi said.

Curiously, a speech similar to the one expressed by the vice president of the Government who demanded “to investigate whether there has been malpractice on the part of some agents.” But also, rooting with the third leg of his campaign program (the other two are self-determination and amnesty), he asked to “analyze the ultimate origin of this malaise” which, in his opinion, lies in “precariousness and inequalities.”

Likewise, the Republican presidential candidate called to prevent the debate on security and the role of the Mossos from becoming “a political pim, pam, pum” for which he demanded to address the issue “from serenity and distance, never in hot ”.

Always seeking balance, he advocated “not to criminalize protests” and, at the same time, pointed out that “the burning of public furniture and looting are not signs of freedom of expression”

The Republican also pointed out that “I have always been at the disposal of the Parliament” in reference to the request for an appearance that the PSC has made him to give details of what happened in the last week in the permanent deputation of the Catalan Chamber, pending already to constitute the new hemicycle that emerged from the polls of the past 14-F.

And it is that, hours before, the vice-first secretary of the PSC, Eva Granados, had announced that her party will request the appearance of Aragonès to explain her “non-appearance” in the face of the riots of recent days in Catalonia.

“Everyone is wondering where Aragonès is these days. We have spent many nights in which our streets are burned and shops are being vandalized and what cries out to heaven is the non-appearance of Aragonès,” he criticized.

The still main opposition group, Ciudadanos, went even further and presented a complaint to the Prosecutor’s Office for prevarication against Sàmper for “not protecting” the Mossos d’Esquadra from the altercations.