He assures that “to make a bad law there is no reason to run”, despite the fact that both partners agreed to present it before February.

The Minister of Transport, Mobility and Urban Agenda, José Luis Ábalos, has rejected this Monday the control of rent prices in the future Housing Law, as proposed by his government partner, Unidas Podemos, and has opted to promote tax incentives, to which still awaits the approval of the Ministry of Finance.

From Ferraz, Ábalos has recognized that, in terms of “price intervention” both groups have “two different conceptions” and, where appropriate, consider “more positive and effective to promote than not to impose.” As explained by the Minister in charge of Housing powers, with price control, “there may be a market detraction” in which “many of those homes that could be used for rent end up in the sale.”

We can define a “great owner” as someone who has five houses or more.

Ábalos has also stressed that the new norm “respects constitutionality”, since “maximalist precedents have already achieved the position of the Constitutional Court” and also that the law “takes into account that it is a right but also a market good that generates activity economic, which also seeks legal certainty regarding investments and we cannot ignore all that. ”

On the other hand, Ábalos, who has offered the press conference as Secretary of Organization of the PSOE, has assured that the new norm “cannot be a conjunctural law or pressed by very specific and very temporary situations.” “We will have to enter into the structural, and even in the framework that allows to adopt conjunctural measures, but that the situation does not condition us in that basic law of democracy,” he said.

And it is that the Minister of Transport has emphasized that “it is good for the country to have a Housing Law” and that “in these 40 years of democracy it has not been done”, but has added that “if in 40 years it has not been done , to make a bad law there is no reason to run “. “A law is needed, but a good law,” he asserted.