22,725 small businesses in erte will receive the new aid of up to 30,000 euros from the Generalitat. The Departament d’Empresa does not exhaust the 208 enabled fund and will pay subsidies worth 178 million euros. The companies that receive this subsidy are banned from dismissal for one year, under penalty of returning the full amount.

A total of 22,725 small businesses in erte have requested the new aid of up to 30,000 euros enabled by the Government to minimize the economic effects of the pandemic. This is the balance that the Department of Business has made , after closing the telematic channel from which to request this subsidy this Monday at noon.

The ‘conselleria’ directed by Ramon Tremosa will pay, “in the coming weeks”, a total of 178.9 million euros among those 22,725 applicant companies, at the expense of subsequently reviewing possible registrations that do not comply with the information that the company has declared previously. In which case, these companies will be required to return the money received.

The Department of Business has closed the request for aid this Monday, as scheduled, and has not finally exhausted all the available budget. The Generalitat set aside 208 million euros to pay for this fund and finally the Company will distribute 178.9 million euros. That is, there are about 30 million left unused.

The grant was intended for companies with an active erte, a workforce of no more than 50 workers and no more than 10 million euros in annual turnover. And the Generalitat offered for these a payment of 2,000 euros per worker in erte, up to a ceiling of 30,000 euros. The average ‘ticket’ of the subsidy has been 7,873.8 euros .

One of the main requirements of the aid authorized by the Generalitat is the obligation to maintain employment for the beneficiary companies. Those firms that receive this grant must undertake not to make layoffs -except for disciplinary- within a period of one year. That is, they must have the same template on December 31, 2020 as on December 31, 2021.

Otherwise, the Departament d’Empresa will claim the return of the full amount of the subsidy (not only of the 2,000 euros received by the terminated worker), plus the corresponding default interest. This point generated strong rejection among the employers, who saw this requirement as a drag on their future viability.

The ‘conselleria’ directed by Tremosa has promised to make the payments “in the coming weeks.” Applicants will be able to check whether they have been awarded the subsidy through the Generalitat’s electronic board. These aids are compatible and can be accumulated with other subsidies or public aid already issued.

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