A good example of this are two paintings by the Argentine artist Zosen, who began to paint with his left hand. Or a set by the French Perrine Horoné , which represents various moments of that confined life with prominence, of course, of the kitchen and toilet paper. Just as there are foreigners residing here, Catalan artists who live abroad are also present. This is the case of Guillem Font, which develops “superinteresting” participatory projects in Mexico, assesses the curator.

A total of eighty artists linked to the city sign the exhibited works
Faced with this creative effervescence of the quarantine, the curators decided to speak with representative artists of the city so that they could participate while opening a contest to find new talent.

Of course Yubia or Laia , for example, graffiti artists who paint in the street with an ‘old school’ style, are present here in a small format. “Let it be clear: we do not choose them because they are women, but because of their artistic value or because of their representativeness at the level of urban art,” the curator says.

Although B-Murals is not defined as a commercial gallery, but rather as a space for dissemination, the works are for sale at a price set by the artist. Manaia says: “The graffiti artist who wants to professionalize needs to generate income with his work. And there are two ways: make murals in the street, at festivals, or participate in galleries or have a gallery owner sell your work.”

But this initiative has little or nothing to do with trade, but rather with an attempt to join forces in an area of ​​a sector hard hit by the crisis. For this reason, the curator herself calls the exhibition “exhibition-manifesto”, in what she considers a response to that of ‘confined culture’.

It is a very vindictive exhibition in the face of the cultural break we have suffered. It has been a way of rebel because we believe that the percentage of the population that consumes culture in Barcelona is negligible and has no relation to contagion. ” There are also other types of manifestos in the form of artistic installations. Like ‘Thanks for your killing’, signed by L’Ignorant, veganism with a sense of humor and a poignant message.