Tiger Woods began to break records, but I didn’t give up. Drag multiple for a sport accustomed to modest applause and is considered by many or melhor jogador de semper da modalidade. But it is a course marked by vices, scandals and injuries that catch up with carreira.

When I was born, Earl Woods, I was born or filho, with just a year and a half out of my life, I proved to a golf course that I could revolutionize the world of golf and open the way for other black children. Earl Woods, a war veteran, was a great promoter of the succession career of Eldrick Tont Woods, more known as Tiger Woods.

A North American sportsman, a native of the state of Califórnia, began to play golf and win championships before reaching adolescence. Between 1994 and 1996 he won for three consecutive times the US Amateur, golf championship for amateurs, and he was the only player to achieve such a goal.

Tornou-se professional in 1996, barely 20 years old. Or prodígio from the first victory in the race to win or the Augusta Masters, the first time of the ‘Grand Slam’ of the golf, in April 1997, with just 21 years. Two months later, being the first place in the ranking of melhor jogador of the modality, achieving the fastest rise ever.

In 2000, Woods won six non-PGA Tour tournaments, a greater sequence of victories since the times of Ben Hogan, in 1948. Além disso, sagrou-se winner of the US Open, the British Open and also the PGA Championship, conquests that o turn no more modern player to beat or ‘Grand Slam’. With just 24 years, Tiger Woods has conquered all four major male golf players.

Not at the beginning of the 2000s, Tiger Woods defeated esmagadora most of two tournaments in which he participated and beat his record behind record. Chegou was the same as # 1 in the world for 623 weeks, but after succession he was ready to undergo a revival in 2009.
O milionary divorce, you are victims of the injuries of the world golfe

Tiger Woods is the Swedish model Elin Nordegre deram o not in 2004. The perfect marriage to be revealed or the beginning of the end of the prestigious public image of the American athlete.

Foi when Woods sofreu, supposedly, a car accident that owe you to the urgencies with a ferment in the head that thus changes. A North American press quickly began to bet on woman, Elin Nordegre, as a responsible hair that happened, allegedly, by being uncovered as the husband’s traições. This is how infidelity turns out to be the case and several women publicly confess they have been lovers of Tiger.

A separation of the Swedish model cost Tiger about 300 million euros, who, in the same year, in 2010, lost or sponsored large brands, received competitions and received a rehabilitation clinic to treat sexual dependence.

In the following years, Tiger Woods has been amazed by the coasts and has passed through various operations. Between 2013 and 2017 he participated in few tournaments and had a long time to give brilliant hits that the world was used to appreciating. Foram years with various operations to Joelho esquerdo e às coasts.

In May 2017, an attempt was made to alleviate the strengths that he felt, or the sportsman decided to self-medicate, or that he was worth a trip to prison because he was found sleeping at the wheel of a car with a linked motor, on or effect of painkillers. As a consequence, you have to pay a fine and do community service.

Or I return to lenda
After several scandals ultra-passed, in 2018, Tiger Woods returns to the golf courses as an exciting victory of the Tour Championship, in Atlanta, where he reached or his 80th career title. At the age of 43, he conquered the Augusta Masters for the fifth time and reached the 15th triumph in majors tournaments, about 11 years old in our great tournaments.

Or his winners not ‘Grand Slam’ also counts three events not US Open (2000, 2002 and 2008), three not British Open (2000, 2005 and 2006) and four not PGA Championship (1999, 2000, 2006 and 2007). The North American sportsman is now the second athlete with more victories in tournaments majors, behind Jack Nicklaus who set the record-breaking mark of 18.

Not that I say I respect the winners of the PGA Tour, or golf championship, Tiger Woods occupies or first place, with 82 conquests and divided or remembered with Sam Snead.