A 21-year-old boy was arrested as PJ for strong indications of a crime of sexual abuse of a person unable to resist. A victim is a friend of the little suspense who has been rendered unconscious at his anniversary party, this month.

Em meados of this month, at the last organization, at your residence, in Lisbon, a party with friends to celebrate or anniversaries. Ficou drunk, losing her ability to react and ending up numbing.

You will end up living together by abandoning your home day. Porém, or suspeito, knowing that the host was prostrated and with any capacity to react, return to the room and sexually abuse the same.

Due to the sexual assault that she suffered, a young person needed to be observed in a hospital emergency, she informed the Judicial Police.

Or detained, 21 years old, was presented to the first judicial interrogation, I have been applied as a measure of coercion of preventive imprisonment.