Space exploration means venturing into space technologies and business opportunities, and it is no secret that we learn something new regarding space every day. It is a sector that humans are yet to exhaust since from the first space venture; we were trying to understand something mysterious. The many years in the industry may have given us some experience and technology to continue learning, but we are not close to understanding everything. The space industry is one of the most-sort sectors in commercial businesses, thanks to its potential. It among the safest areas to invest your money since the chances of its failure are almost zero, especially with the right technology and expertise explaining why many tech companies are exploring space.

Ark Invest has recently joined the many companies in the space industry and is currently trading from ETF and officially began on March 20th, 2021. Sam Korus, Ark Invest analyst, talked with CNBC, claiming that space is now an invisible backbone to the economy and things will get better as more satellites are launched into the Earth’s orbit.

During the first day of trading, ARKX’s shares slipped at about 1%, with a closing rate of $20.30 for each share. The ARKX’s 39 stocks include some of the biggest companies, including space companies, Virgin Galactic, and Iridium, and defense and aerospace firms like Lockheed Martin, Boeing, Kratos, and the L3Harris.

ETF also includes businesses with no relation to space exploration, including Chinese-based e-commerce firms, Alibaba and, and agriculture firms Deere and Trimble. This fact notes that many companies are out to explore the space industry’s potential despite them not being connected with space traditionally. Korus acknowledges public criticism of ARKX’s holdings, stating that people are aware of the memes running around on Twitter.

Sam explained that people’s dismissal on the move to space exploration is reassuring for the firm and demonstrates the importance of their research and how to make them unique. He cited Netflix as an example claiming that it currently has a 1.25% weighting on ARKX Holdings. Sam stated that Netflix has over 200 million paying customers, with America having over 40 million people without broadband access. Therefore, if the satellite solution can give access to these people and market Netflix more, then it is a vital move.

None of the SPACS with recent space companies’ mergers have signed in ARKS, but Sam said that Ark Invest evaluated these firms. Also, he claimed that it is essential to note that the SPACS is already in the pre-IPO Stage stating that Ark is careful to ensure that they pick long-term winners, especially in aerospace. This new move under Ark Invest is bold but promising, and many people are looking forward to seeing its journey in space exploration.